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APR Audi B8 & B8.5 S4/S5 3.0 TFSI ECU Upgrade

APR’s 3.0 TFSI V6 ECU Upgrade is an expertly recalibrated engine control strategy that primarily remaps the engine's operating parameters, within the factory ECU, to provide smooth and reliable power as if intended by the OEM.  APR’s ECU Upgrade is developed to work within the OEM and Tier 1 Supplier specifications for engine component stress tolerances and performance specifications and is thoroughly track tested through APR Motorsport's Grand-AM and World Challenge professional racing efforts. Available in octane-specific variations, APR’s calibrations allow you to take advantage of fuel quality available in your area. APR’s patented EMCS functionality puts the control of your engine’s operation at your fingertips and allows for additional features and options to be installed to your OEM ECU.


APR Stage I and Stage II ECU Upgrades


APR Stage I ECU upgrade is best horsepower-per-dollar modifications for the 3.0T engine. The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade is designed to work without requiring other changes to the vehicle’s hardware. With the ECU Upgrade alone, APR’s team measured higher peak figures of 372 ft-lbs of torque and 444 horsepower with 93 AKI octane fuel. Large gains were seen throughout the power band, including an additional 98 ft-lbs of torque and 134 horsepower. Even higher figures were achieved using race fuel.

Stage II requires the APR Supercharger Pulley Upgrade. Spinning the supercharger faster increases air flow and allows for excellent gains over stage I alone. The gain in torque is felt immediately, but the results are present all the way to redline adding up to 108 ft-lbs and 148 horsepower with 93 AKI octane fuel! Stage II Software is included as a free upgrade for APR Stage I customers with the purchase of an APR Supercharger Pulley.

  •  ECU Upgrades
  •  A5, S5 & RS5 B8
  •  S4 B8

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