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Stern Pro-Mount Motor Mounts

This motor mount set is part of the new stern line of performance enhancements for the Audi and VW vehicles. This kit is designed as an upgrade to the soft factory motor mounts which come standard with these vehicles. These heavy duty motor mounts are offered in two firmness levels to suit any performance application.

Low and medium durometer polyurethane is used to help keep excessive vibrations to a minimum while still providing excellent strength and damping characteristics. These mounts maintain full isolation between the engine and chassis limiting the transfer of vibrations into the cabin.

Fits the following:

Year Vehicle Engine
1997-08 Audi A4 All
2000-08 Audi S4 All
1984-04 Audi A6 All
1984-04 VW Passat All

This mount comes as a pair. 1 per car is required.

  •  Engine Performance
  •  Transmission Components
  •  A4 B6