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APR 2.0T FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump

Modification of the 2.0T FSI engine far beyond OEM power levels requires an additional volume of high-pressure fuel especially in the midrange (3000-5000rpm) of the powerband. Requires APR Softawre.

APR High Pressure Fuel Pump



  •  ECU Upgrades
  •  Engine Performance
  •  A3, S3 & RS3 (8p)
  •  A4 B7


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APR Mobile is a simple yet powerful tool designed to enhance the APR tuning experience.

FORGE Blow Off Valve kit for VAG 1.4T 1.8T 2.0T Engines

B5, B6, B7, C5 Adjustable upper control arm kit. Adds camber and caster adjustments.

This mount offers reduced motion within the driveline.